product of type eo
JERS-1 SAR annual mosaic tiles generated for use in the Data Cube - 25m pixel spacing, WGS84. These tiles are derived from the orignal JAXA mosaics with conversion to GeoTIFF.

Extending July 1996 to July 1996
175 datasets

Location (from sampling)

  • s3://deafrica-data/jaxa/jers_mosaic/1996/N15E045/N15E045_1996.yaml
  • s3://deafrica-data/jaxa/jers_mosaic/1996/N40W015/N40W015_1996.yaml
  • s3://deafrica-data/jaxa/jers_mosaic/1996/S30E030/S30E030_1996.yaml


format GeoTIFF instrument SAR label platform JERS-1 product_type gamma0

Searchable fields

creation_time datetime Time when dataset was created (processed)
lat double-range Latitude range
lon double-range Longitude range
time datetime-range Acquisition time


hh / hh int16 with units 1 and nodata 0
date / date int16 with units 1 and nodata 0
linci / local incidence angle / linci / incidence uint8 with units 1 and nodata 0
mask / mask uint8 with units 1 and nodata 0

Storage Parameters

crs EPSG:4326 resolution latitude -0.0 longitude 0.0 tile_size latitude 5 longitude 5