product of type eo3
Water Observations from Space Annual Statistics

Extending July 2013 to July 2019
11,854 datasets

Location (from sampling)

  • s3://deafrica-data/usgs/pc2/ga_ls8c_wofs_2_annual_summary/2013/WOFS_6933_2_15_2013_summary.yaml
  • s3://deafrica-data/usgs/pc2/ga_ls8c_wofs_2_annual_summary/2013/WOFS_6933_32_-13_2013_summary.yaml
  • s3://deafrica-data/usgs/pc2/ga_ls8c_wofs_2_annual_summary/2013/WOFS_6933_4_29_2013_summary.yaml


cloud_cover dataset_maturity eo_gsd eo_sun_azimuth eo_sun_elevation fmask_clear fmask_cloud_shadow fmask_snow fmask_water format GeoTIFF gqa gqa_abs_iterative_mean_x gqa_abs_iterative_mean_xy gqa_abs_iterative_mean_y gqa_abs_x gqa_abs_xy gqa_abs_y gqa_cep90 gqa_iterative_mean_x gqa_iterative_mean_xy gqa_iterative_mean_y gqa_iterative_stddev_x gqa_iterative_stddev_xy gqa_iterative_stddev_y gqa_mean_x gqa_mean_xy gqa_mean_y gqa_stddev_x gqa_stddev_xy gqa_stddev_y instrument label platform product_family

Searchable fields

creation_time datetime Time when dataset was created (processed)
lat double-range Latitude range
lon double-range Longitude range
region_code string Spatial reference code from the provider. For Landsat region_code is a scene path row '{:03d}{:03d}.format(path,row)'. For Sentinel it is MGRS code. In general it is a unique string identifier that datasets covering roughly the same spatial region share.
time datetime-range Acquisition time range


count_wet / wet int16 with units 1 and nodata -1
count_clear / clear int16 with units 1 and nodata -1
frequency / freq float32 with units 1 and nodata NaN

Storage Parameters

crs EPSG:6933 resolution x 30 y -30 tile_size x 150000.0 y 150000.0